Ooops!...we won!

Europes top animation producer is from Hamburg

It wasn’t a home match. At Cartoon Movie in Lyon, France 750 professionals (producers, directors, writers, television editors, distributors and world sales) from all over Europe chose the most successful animation producer of the year. The award went to Hamburg, to Emely Christians from Ulysses Filmproduktion, who developed and produced the film “Ooops! Noah is gone…” (“Two by Two”, “All Creatures Big and Small”) in 3D in cooperation with Studio Rakete (Hamburg) and co-producers in Luxembourg, Belgium and Ireland.

The film is about heartbreakingly comical creatures who have missed the boat when Noah set sails and despite all the contradictions become a team to survive storm and flood. The film was already a sensation at the last film festival in Cannes, because it was sold to every country on earth. The strongly represented French delegation in Lyon also thus honored the success of the film in French cinemas where until now more than 550.000 visitors came.

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